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The Clark Chiropractic Story

After graduation in 1992, Dr. Clark immediately opened his practice in Porter, Texas. In 2016, we moved our practice to Kingwood TX. Dr. Clark’s passion is to God, his beautiful wife Rhonda, his family, ministry, and the army of his patients on the road to better health. Dr. Clark considers his practice to be his ministry.

“I believe that God entrust each of my patients to me and therefore it is my responsibility to minister to them physically, emotionally and spiritually”, says Dr. Clark. “That is why I believe in constant and never ending improvement in technique in the art of chiropractic and wellness as well as a better understanding of human physiology in order to meet every persons needs. The more knowledge and tools that you have in your tool bag the better chance you have of successfully completing the task”.

This is why after 30 years of practice Dr. Clark is still continually learning and striving for a deeper understanding and better methods of functional neurology, functional nutrition and physiology as well as techniques and technology to improve wellness. Passion may be the best way to describe Dr. Clark’s practice. Passion from his staff dedicated to making you feel loved and special; passion from the finest selection of doctors to make you feel honored to be a member of their practice and who will truly do anything to get you better; passion and a feeling of purpose from the first time that you enter his office.

This passion gives hope even in the midst of questions, confusion, and lack of results previously. “For me,” Dr. Clark says “this is what I believe to be the will of God for me to do with my life. God has called me to be a blessing to everyone that I can. Therefore my purpose and mission is to help as many people as I can in my lifetime — especially children. People often ask me why I see so many children and I say that most of the problems I see in adults started when they were children. I believe that every person has been given a gift by God, an amazing body that is able to heal itself; therefore, I believe he uses me to do miraculous things but I am only his vessel and he is the healer. I encourage everyone to open their minds and heart to God and to give their life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have and I have never regretted it”.

OUR MISSION in Kingwood TX

To deliver the most complete healing experience possible

  • We guarantee the most thorough structural, neurologic exam or your money back
  • We maintain a no wait policy – seen within 10 minutes of appointment time (90% of your visits)
  • We will listen – really listen to your problems and concerns
  • We provide a friendly, comfortable, and secure environment
  • We present a personalized health recovery and restoration program to each individual patient
  • We conduct frequent reviews of progress
  • We promise to educate each patient to know the true cause of your problems and how to take care of yourself the rest of your life
  • We promise to leave no stone unturned in discovering the cause of your health condition.


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