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Chiropractic Kingwood TX Spinal Subluxation

Feeling Constant pain in your neck or back?

Are you noticing yourself feeling the negative effects of more and more headaches each day?

Spinal subluxation can dehabiliate you and lessen your quality of life – leaving you feeling like your body has been through a fierce battle after the smallest everyday tasks. The only way to know for sure if you’re suffering from spinal subluxation is to visit an expert chiropractor in the Kingwood TX area.

Spinal Subluxation Symptoms in Kingwood TX

If something doesn’t feel right, there’s a good enough reason already to seek spinal subluxation treatment. Waiting too long to address even the smallest issues can lead to bigger problems down the road.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following spinal subluxation symptoms, call us today. Spinal subluxation may, in fact, be the root cause of your pain – but you’ll never know without a visit to Clark Chiropractic & Wellness:

Pain in the Back or Neck – This is the most common and obvious sign you may be dealing with spinal subluxation. Pain could present itself in either of these areas or in some cases both at the same time. Some patients may experience mild discomfort, while others may lose full range of motion.

Headaches – Do you find yourself dealing with more headaches than you ever have? Spinal subluxation can cause tension to build up in the spine. Because the tension cannot be released, it builds up the spine until it finally reaches the base of the head – leaving you reaching for a bottle of Advil to cope with the pain!

Loss of Mobility – Because your spine is misaligned, you may find it painful to even move during routine tasks. Waking up with stiffness every day? It very well could be a spinal subluxation that’s causing your lack of movement!

Causes of Spinal Subluxation

It’s impossible to know the root cause of your spinal subluxation without visiting the chiropractors at Clark Chiropractic & Wellness. We’ll discover the true root cause of your spinal subluxation – and we’ll help you develop healthy everyday practices that will help your body heal.

In a general sense though, these are some of the more common causes we see as reasons for spinal subluxation:

Trauma – Trauma can be considered the most common cause of spinal subluxation. The force of any sort of trauma can cause a spinal subluxation – but you’d be surprised to learn it doesn’t always have to be a major event. Of course, car accidents, falls, and things of the like can be the culprit – but small, repetitive movements such as sleeping on the same side every night can do just as much harm!

Toxins – Your body is comprised of a varying amount of chemicals based upon what you eat and drink as well as your environment. When the body is balanced chemically, it’s in a state of homeostasis. Harmful toxic chemicals that make their way into your body can throw your homeostasis out of balance – causing muscle contractions and eventually, spinal subluxation. Your diet could very well be the root cause of your pain!

Stress – Who isn’t stressed these days? Like it or not, we all encounter various levels of stress everyday – whether it’s in the workplace or home life. Of course, being stressed leads to your muscles tightening up and contracting, predominantly in your neck and upper back which can also cause headaches or migraines. This increased tension can cause spinal subluxations.

Spinal Subluxation Treatment

Our goal is to return your body to an optimal state of health.

Your spine is the foundation of your entire structure. We evaluate each patient thoroughly, take necessary x-rays, then treat you accordingly based on what we find. We believe in treating the person, NOT the condition – and root causes as opposed to just symptoms.

It’s important to note that without visiting a chiropractor, you’ll never know for sure if you’re suffering from spinal subluxation and what the root cause may be.

Based on what we find in our preliminary testing, we’ll develop the most effective, comprehensive spinal subluxation treatment for you as an individual. That treatment may include:

Range of Motion Stretching and Core Strengthening – We work with you to help develop an individualized core strengthening plan and educate you on range of motion stretches that can aid in your recovery. This will help your body return itself to full range of motion, and may even have you feeling more flexible than before!

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Manipulation – Our expert chiropractic staff is well-versed in gentle spinal manipulation to help restore mobility and reduce the tension in your spine and neck.

Once you’ve been evaluated and adjustments have been completed, we do something that 95% of chiropractors NEVER do: we x-ray again. We don’t just want our patients to feel better, we want them to see that the problem has been corrected.

Our goal is to deliver a lifetime of health, NOT a short-term solution. Don’t spend another day in discomfort! Call Clark Chiropractic & Wellness and schedule a consultation with one of our back pain chiropractors today!

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