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How do brain-based therapy and chiropractic in Kingwood TX work together?

Your brain is the central most important part of your body – there’s a reason it’s called the master organ! The brain controls and coordinates each and every function of the body from top to bottom.

If you had a problem with your neck or shoulder, you’d seek to get it fixed – why should your brain be any different?

So, what is brain-based therapy? Does brain-based therapy work? What are brain-based therapy exercises? We’ll help you answer those questions and restore your body to its most optimum state of health.

What is Brain-Based Therapy in Kingwood TX?

Brain-based therapy and chiropractic care can work hand-in-hand with each other to produce long-term, meaningful results for patients. Brain-based therapy exercises are central to these results and often are combined with a gentle chiropractic approach.
Brain-based therapy is based upon the work done by Dr. Frederick Carrick, one of the leading chiropractic neurologists in the country.

To understand what therapy is, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the differences between functional and medical neurology. Medical neurology deals with hard lesions – all of which can be the result of strokes, tumors, or disease. Medical neurology is not the focus of brain-based therapy.

Functional Neurology, on the other hand, is. Functional neurology deals with soft lesions of the brain. There’s typically no loss of cells in these situations – in fact, On an MRI, a scan would probably say the brain is “normal.” Often times though, cells may not be functioning normally.

What Can Brain-Based Therapy Help With?

It’s important to note that brain-based therapy is not a treatment for any specific disease, disorder, or illness. We believe in the healing power of YOUR body – it’s our job to help facilitate it. This is the philosophy we have in our Kingwood chiropractic office.

Since your brain is the master organ, brain-based therapy can often help with a large range of potentially troubling issues. This includes, but is in no way limited to:

Brain-Based Therapy & How Your Brain Works

In order for your body to be at its most optimal level of health, your brain must be firing correctly and on all cylinders. Think of your brain as the master computer of your body – it controls everything from pain to pleasure and emotions to logic.

When just one piece of your central computer isn’t operating at its ultimate capacity, you may feel the effects throughout your entire body!

What is the Brain Loop?

The brain loop all starts (and ends) with the cerebellum, one of the three main areas of your brain along with the cortex and the brain stem.

Your cerebellum sends messages to both the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Those messages are then fired over to your brain stem which, in essence, creates your brain loop. The brain loop is responsible for managing your mental clarity, emotional stability, and really, your entire sense of general well-being.

When operating correctly, the cerebellum sends normalized input to the frontal lobes of the brain, which then send that input to the lower brainstem.

Stress and the Impact on the Brain Loop

We all find ourselves dealing with stress on a daily basis, and while small bouts of stress here and there are not always a bad thing, prolonged, chronic stress can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body and brain loop.

Periods of prolonged stress can have an adverse effect on your brain loop, causing your cerebellum to function at a less-than-optimal level.

A wide variety of problems can present themselves when the cerebellum isn’t functioning properly, including postural muscle issues. Once this occurs, patients find themselves dealing with:

  • Arthritis
  • Disc Herniations
  • Spinal Degeneration
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sciatica

Being stressed out is never fun, but it may be doing far more damage that you’re realizing!

Brain-Based Therapy and Chiropractic – Our Wellness Approach

Our approach includes a soft, gentle, hands-on evaluation to help us determine some of the root causes you may be suffering with. Every patient that walks through our doors has different individual needs – as such, the only way to receive the proper brain-based therapy that’s tailored to you is by paying us a visit.

The key in our approach to brain-based therapy is a functional evaluation of the brain. This includes taking a look at the three main areas – cerebellum, cortex, and brain stem.

The approach in our Kingwood office takes a comprehensive look at both hemispheres of the brain, followed by each subdivision of the three main areas to help us determine which areas may be weak or otherwise under-functioning.

Once these areas have been identified, they are then treated with brain-based therapy exercises that are tailored to your specific situation. While no two patients are alike, these are some of the more common brain-based therapy exercises we may employ:

  • Movement
  • Stimulation of other senses (sight, smell, etc.)
  • Eye movements
  • Balance and coordination exercises
  • Sensory input
  • Retraining brain waves

When brain-based therapy is applied effectively, something called neuroplasticity is the result. Neuroplasticity essentially means that your neurons begin to fire more normally and, ultimately, connect to other neurons more effectively. This then creates a more balanced and better functioning brain.

Each brain-based therapy approach we take involves finding the area of weakness, applying therapy, then re-testing the brain. Sound familiar? That’s because we utilize the same process when helping to heal other parts of the body!

By re-testing both brain and body, we ensure not only that the problems have been corrected, but that long-term solutions are in place. This helps each patient achieve their most optimal state of living.

You may be an ideal candidate for brain-based therapy and not even know it! Contact us today in our Kingwood, Texas office to schedule a consultation regarding brain-based therapy – optimal living is just a phone call away with Clark Chiropractic and Wellness.


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