Chiropractor Reviews in Kingwood TX

Chiropractor Reviews in Kingwood TX

chiropractic care for sciatica and back pain

If you havent visited Clark Chiropractic & Wellness, our Kingwood TX chiropractic practice, here is what makes us different.

A Big Milestone in Our Chiropractor Reviews!

Congratulations to Dr. Clark and the staff for reaching over 100 Google reviews from happy patients. The entire chiropractic family is happy to receive a recognition award for reaching the important milestone. We look forward to serving even more patients in the years to come. If you haven't visited Clark Chiropractic & Wellness in our Kingwood TX practice, here is what makes us different.

Personalized Care in Kingwood TX

Every patient is different. That's why our standard is to provide 100% personalized care for each individual. We will take the time to learn about your health, how long youve been dealing with knee pain, and what you want for your future. We will also take the time to perform in-depth testing and exams to ensure we can pinpoint the exact issues that are impacting your knee and causing your pain. In our office, you're never going to be treated like just another patient.

Shifting the Focus Away From Drugs

For most patients who struggle with chronic issues such as knee pain, the majority of the focus is placed on which medications can resolve their symptoms. While this may offer temporary relief, this can create a dependence. We want to resolve pain naturally by finding the root causes of the problems and addressing them naturally. This promotes healing within the body, which can help naturally reduce or eliminate pain.

Genuine Care and Concern: Reflected in Chiropractor Reviews

When you are a patient with our office, you will see from your first appointment that our entire staff is dedicated to helping you. This stretches beyond our front office staff and Dr. Clark, as we have an entire team to help our patients drive toward success. This includes certified nutritional health coaches, neurologic practitioners, and rehab technicians who love what they do while working together to change lives. Our integrity, character, and skills are reasons why we can proudly say that our reputation is second to none.

Offering Answers

It's unfortunate that the majority of our patients come to us without having had a complete evaluation of their health. In fact, most have only had x-rays or MRIs before they've been told they need surgery or to take certain medications. We are motivated to change this by providing each of our patients with more answers about their health. This is why our practice offers in-depth testing, longer appointment times, and thorough examinations. From looking closer at nerve health to inflammation from an everyday diet, we leave no stone unturned in helping patients.

Continuing Education for Patients

Dr. Clark has over 27 years of experience helping patients find solutions to their chronic knee pain. While he is proud of what he has learned, he has a passion for continuing his education to better help each patient. This is why takes the time to learn the latest and most effective therapies and techniques in this field.

Faith-Driven Care

As a Christian, Dr. Clark believes that his purpose in life is to help people recover from chronic pain so that they can live life more fully. He keeps scriptural principles close to his heart by treating people the way that is encouraged in the Bible. His faith is reflected in his kindness, his passion, and his dedication to helping patients live life well, so they can enjoy each day.

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