Neuropathy A Natural Perspective in Kingwood TX

Neuropathy A Natural Perspective in Kingwood TX

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Dr. Clark, our Kingwood TX Chiropractor, gives his perspective on the current medical system in the United States.

Treat The Person, Not the Disease in Kingwood TX

"Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our current medical system is no doubt an example in excellence to the rest of the world in life saving, emergency treatment. Besides being adept in trauma and acute health care, our current medical model offers a wide variety of specialists who are trained to evaluate and diagnose sick and diseased livers and kidneys. We have entire medical centers dedicated to the niche treatment of veins, brains, and hearts. While one might think this to be the pinnacle of modern-day accomplishment, I would like to suggest a different paradigm for the treatment of chronic health concerns. A paradigm that may not only challenge the way you think about healthcare, doctors, and the whole medical system, but about health itself!

It's Not the Rats, It's The Garbage

While I was attending Chiropractic College, I was introduced to, what at the time was a breakthrough in thinking for me, that forever changed the way I view health and health care. The idea that inspired this breakthrough in thinking was brought about by a story told to the freshman class by an old anatomy professor; a story about rats. One day during yet another dry lecture on muscles and bones (yes, it can be tedious, even boring at times!), the question of dis-ease came up. More specifically, where did dis-ease come from? He asked the class to picture in their minds a trashcan with no lid, full of discarded food scraps, cans, a used milk carton and an over ripe banana. You get the picture? He then asked us to imagine rats milling about, desperately trying to claw and climb their way into the trashcan. After making sure we all had this vivid picture in our heads he explained that is exactly what happens when conditions are right (or wrong)! For attracting unwanted guests. Had there been no trash in the trashcan or at the very least the lid was secure, the rats may not have been interested.

This is the same principle for human disease (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and neuropathy. Conditions in the body must be right (or wrong!) to bring upon nerve degeneration! I encourage all my patients to resist the idea of randomness for it is in the refusal to accept randomness we can begin to find cause. Neuropathy (in this author's opinion) doesn't fall out of the sky or attack for no good reason. Health is not random, and neither is your neuropathy.

It is essential when treating neuropathy that you look at your lifestyle; what you eat, where you live, where you work, what medications are you taking, what stress are you under, etc. to begin to unravel the mystery of this nerve disease. What other, seemingly unrelated medical concerns might have precipitated your neuropathy? What about that dull back pain that you have learned to live with? Is that possibly, partially to blame?

You Are the Difference

When patients ask me what it is that makes our neuropathy treatment different, I tell them The difference is you! It is important that doctor and patient have a very good understanding of what the patient is doing (or not doing) that helped bring on this degenerating condition of the nervous system. To be fair, sometimes these conditions are out of a patient's control, but identifying them is the first step in understanding why, the process can begin in earnest to remedy the situation.

While our course of treatment for neuropathy involves many different aspects, perhaps none is more important than understanding the mechanism of causation. It is from understanding the origin of neuropathy that we can then begin, both doctor and patient, to better understand how to slow the progression, halt, and perhaps even reverse this debilitating nerve disease.


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