The Role of Vitamin D and Neuropathy in Kingwood TX

The Role of Vitamin D and Neuropathy in Kingwood TX

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Are you suffering from Neuropathy in Kingwood TX?

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"Neuropathy affects the nervous system and can cause muscle pain and weakness, tingling and loss of sensation in the hands and feet. Commonly caused by diabetes, trauma or infections, neuropathy symptoms may be improved with Vitamin D therapy. Research published in the American Medical Association Journal of Internal Medicine suggests that vitamin D Therapy can facilitate nerve growth and regulate nerve functioning, which can benefit patients suffering from neuropathy symptoms."

Vitamin D Supplements in Kingwood TX

Supplemental vitamin D comes in many forms including tablets, gel capsules, and liquid, and is also available in multi-vitamins. Appropriate vitamin D dosage varies on whether vitamin D deficiency is present. According to Dr. Jeff Unger of the Primary Care Metabolic Group in Charlotte, North Carolina, neuropathy can occur or become exacerbated by vitamin D deficiency, and therapeutic dosing of supplemental vitamin D depends on how much is currently in the bloodstream. Normal supplementation of vitamin D is 400 international units (IU) daily for men and women. Additionally, injections of vitamin D are also available by prescription. Vitamin D can cause serious illness if taken in excess, so overdose should be carefully avoided. (Authors Note: Please consult with your doctor regarding Vitamin D supplementation as there are many varying opinions on how much you should be taking and in what form).

Vitamin D in Food

Vitamin D comes naturally from food sources, or from food that has been fortified. Modern diets do not commonly lend to the adequate consumption of vitamin D-rich foods, such as organ meats (beef liver), cod liver oil and sardines. However, other food sources, such as fish, egg yolks, Swiss cheese and fortified foods like cereals, milk, yogurts, and orange juice, offer good supplemental choices for dietary vitamin D. Though sufficient levels of vitamin D are not normally obtained from diet aloe, dietary intake should be counted as part of total daily intake, especially if other forms of vitamin D are being used for treatment.

Vitamin D from Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight UV rays synthesizes vitamin D in the skin, allowing it to occur naturally in the body. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends five to 30 minutes of direct sunlight to uncovered arms, face, legs and back, without the use of sunscreen, at least twice per week for beneficial vitamin D production. UV rays do not penetrate through windows, so going directly outside for maximum sun exposure is preferred. Avoidance of excessive unprotected sun exposure should be considered, however, as the NIH also recommends taking recommendations for preventing skin cancer into consideration.


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